Facing Foreclosure?  You are not Alone.

The banks have created worst financial crisis in a century.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are delinquent on your mortgage and are facing foreclosure I can not stress enough that Time is your best ally.  You must begin to take steps now before it is too late.  There are several options other than foreclosure.  These include:


1.  Deed in Lieu (basically giving the home back to the bank)

2.  Short Sale (selling the property for less than you owe with the bank taking the loss)

3.  Loan re-structuring (this involves adjusting the terms of your loan to allow you to keep the house)


All above options have their own pro's and con's and can carry very real consequences that may be long lasting.  It is important that you speak to someone who is an expert.  Contact us anytime for a free consultation on your options.